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Annual General Meeting
When:  December 13th, 2023
Where: Zoom
Time: 12:00 PM

Please register online or email the co-President  Blair Montgomery to confirm your attendance.


West 33rd Avenue (at Cambie), Vancouver, BC.




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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Vancouver Fraserview  
The Fraserview Rotary club is located in the heart of the lower mainland and services the area of Fraserview and surrounding areas.  Our club consists of local community leaders from around greater Vancouver including a reach into Downtown Vancouver, leaders who take an active role in their communities, all while greatly enriching their personal and professional lives.   Fraserview is a smaller club that allows our leaders to grow and contribute in ways they might not in a larger club. 
Join us for a meeting! Check the column on the left for meetings dates and times, and upcoming events.Members of our Rotary Club connect at weekly meetings and learn from business experts, political and civic leaders, and entrepreneurs, who help us stay informed on topics that are relevant to our community. Together, we make great things happen. We have a structure that focuses on action and positive results.
How did Rotary start... Read here..
Our giving results this year:
Raised so far: $17,584
Polio - $2035
Rotary Foundation - $210
Rotary Foundation summer event - $6,954
Rotary Foundation Member give - $1,060
Giving Tues - Rotary Foundation - $7,325
Childlike Faith Academy of Music and Theatre (CFA) is proud to present our 10th children’s musical production, “WILLY WONKA JR”, performed by children between the age of 5 to 15 on June 24th, 2023 at Norman Rothstein Theatre (950 W41st Avenue, Vancouver). This musical production will be performed in English with Chinese subtitles provided, designed to be family-oriented and suitable for both English and Chinese speakers of all ages! 
Our mission is to give the next generation a platform to learn about themselves, develop self-confidence, learn how to express themselves, be able to interact and socialize with other people in group settings, and to unleash their full potential in fun, easy, interesting and artistic way!
At Childlike Faith Academy,
we teach kids to have:

1. Confidence to Believe in their
design in life
2. Creativity to Dream big and
out of their comfort zone
3. Commitment to reach
Excellence by persevering and
learning from their mistakes
through performing arts
Rotarians Making a Difference 
To John Wu, Rotarian -   Following our conversation last evening, here is the timeline of the break-in at the Friends in Need Food Bank.
On January 5, 2023, at approximately 4:45am three suspects pried open the front door at the food bank administration entrance and set off the alarm. At about 5:30am they came back and smashed their way into the food bank through an upstairs locked door and kicked in each office door looking for anything of value. 
The thieves stole three laptops and the small safe that was bolted to the floor. Luckily the safe had been emptied the day before and any gift cards that were inside were all able to be canceled. They then left the building at approximately 6am with whatever they could carry.
We have realized now that our security alarm and camera system needed to be upgraded. Also, all the office doors, the front main aluminum door and the safe needed to be replaced. 
We appreciate Columbia Security for coming in and giving us advice on how to better secure our premises and for installing all new cameras and alarms at a reasonable cost. We also thank you John, for personally offering a $500 donation to our organization.
We currently have close to 4000 registered clients that use our services weekly, and our registrations have been increasing by nearly 30 new clients every month for the past year. Our food bank serves clients in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, the Maple Ridge Seniors Centre, including home delivery for those unable to personally attend our location. We also provide any excess perishable food that we have, to nearly 20 community and non-profit groups in the area.
A break-in like this affects not only our clients but also our volunteers and staff. 
Thank you for your help getting us back on our feet. 
Despite all the damage, thanks to our volunteers, we were able to continue food service to our clients without missing a day.
Thank you for all you have done to help us get back on our feet.
In addition to his Donation, John is working to install new security systems and provide expertise all free of charge - Thank you John.
Donation to Care BC  
Fraserview Rotary raised and donated $1,469 to Care BC, this money ewas raised through the Chrsitmas event and dinner on Dec 22nd.  Thank you to everyone that helped make the vent a sucess.
All Donors to the Rotary Club of Fraserview “Giving Tuesday” Campaign.
The results are in for this year, and the numbers are impressive; our total donations were $10,050, which was collected for Rotary Foundation and Polio funds.   This was the biggest year ever; the previous record was $7,100.
Reminder on how the funds get used through the Rotary Foundation.
  1. 92% of funds are spent on program awards and operations
  2. Rotary has a 4 STAR RATING - Charity Navigators highest rating!
Examples of how funds of all sizes are used:
Your gift makes a difference! Here are ways in which donations at any level make a difference, and how money is spent in the world:
  • $15.00 - Polio Vaccinations
  • $50 - Water Filter
  • $200 - Medical equipment
  • $500 - Anti-bullying Campaign
  • $1,000 - Conflict resolution training
  • $2,650 - An Irrigation System
As you can see the money that you all donated and worked to collect will have a huge impact on individuals, families, and communities around the globe.  At this time of year as we approach the holidays it feels good to be able to say, we did that, we made a difference in the lives of others.
Here is a snapshot of how the funds rolled in:
  • 30% of the funds came from the Platinum plus sponsors
  • 18% through the Platimum sponsors
  • Overall the individual donanations this year, all came in much higher than in the previous years, thank you to everyone for making this year a banner year.
Platinum Plus Sponsors, we had 3 at the $1,000 level.
Our own Martha Basset, Rotarian with our club, once again showed incredible support and leadership (she was the very first person to donate. Martha is an avid supporter for the Polio cause, thank you Martha for your generous donation and kindness.
link Nortech Parking Systems – This is the 2nd year for Nortech.Nortech provides parking system for Easypark and are located in Winnipeg, but they like to support causes that make a difference and they have been extremely generous to be a platinum sponsor once again.
linkOur Newest corporate sponsor, Zipby is a large company that provides payment solutions for parking lots (app-based) and also systems for gated lots to make it easier to move in and out of lots in a frictionless way.They are located in Australia with offices in Florida and California.They are the newest partner for Easypark so you will see this app on EasyPark lots in the city. Zipby is a business founded by family values, and as such, they were eager to help support the causes of Rotary around the globe through this fund. Special thanks to them, for this amazing support.
Platinum Sponsors, we had 9 at the $500 level
linkFearless Consulting Inc. and our co-President Ram Nayyar. This is a multiple-year donation, and we thank Ram for his continued support.
linkSPG and our own Rotarian Bal Jouhal have for the second year, renewed the sponsorship donation level. Thank you to Bal and his team.
Timlink Hortons and our own Rotarian and Foundation Chair Ajit Thandi has once again renewed the sponsorship at this level. Time Horton’s and Ajit are wonderful community partners.
linkTotal Green and Rotarian Jonas Stahr have sponsored at this level for an additional year. Thank you Jonas and the team!
linklinkColumbia/APC and John Wu and his team have again renewed sponsorship at this level.John is always quick to sponsor and again was one of the first people to pledge the commitment. Thank you John.
linkProminent and our own Roratian and past chair, Ellen Hsu – has once again renewed sponsorship at this level. Thank you so much Ellen.
linkPromont and our own Rotarian Tom Ip, has once again renewed sponsorship at this level.Thank you Tom and the team!
Jennifer Gee and EasyPark have once again renewed sponsorship at this level.Thank you so much Jennifer
linkA new sponsor company at this level, Pink Diamond is a special pet food supplier distributor and the company of our own Rotaraina team; Matt and Miya. Matt and Miya are new Members this year and have been amazing supporters of Rotary and our club, they have done so much in just a short amount of time. Thank you.
Gold Sponsor, we had 1 at the $300 level.
Special thanks to Jennifer Gee who personally donated at this level again.  Jennifer is not currently a Rotarian, but she works in many ways to support various organizations, around BC.   So much so that Last year our club awarded her the Paul Harris for her work in funding and support.  
Silver sponsors, we had7 at the $200 level.
linkIncluding a brand new Corporate sponsor this year, CHEF HUNG, our own Rotarian Judy Wong, and Natalie Siu her Daughter.  Thank you so much to the two of them.
And thank you to everyone else that donated at this special time of year.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of many!

This Holiday Season we have a Rotary Dinner and fundraiser with the live band we have known and come to love  XOX..   Our own Rotary member Jasmine Wong is one of the 4 singers. in the band.

This event will be just over the Bridge into Richmond at the continental seafood restauant. There will be prizes, and awards and Live Music.

This is a Fundraiser for the Rotary Foundation and for The Health and Home Care Society of BC

(About Care BC) is an independent and BC-based not-for-profit organization. 
They continually work to achieve our mission: To provide health promotion and supportive care services to communities in British Columbia.
Saturday, September 24th at Locarno Beach in Vancouver! Together with the Vancouver Mountainview and Vancouver Yaletown Rotary clubs, there was a shoreline beach cleanup community volunteer opportunity for our club members. beginning at 9:00am for coffee, followed by equipment distribution and cleanup, then ending with a potluck lunch.
We had a number of our club members join and help make a difference for our BC shoreline.. Thanks to everyone.
SPECIAL THANKS TO TOM & JERRY....  No, Not this Tom & Jerry, but the real ones... the two sons of our newest club members Matt and Miya, the boys came out that day and helped clean up the shoreline, Thanks so much to them... 2 Rotarians in the making for the future!
Raised so far this Year: $25, 338.00
fundraising thermometer
Rotary Foundation $1,870
Polio - $1,696
Giving Tuesday Rotary Foundation- $9,670
BCCare - $1469
Rotary Foundation Xmas drive - $2,897
Food Bank - $1,200
Hoopathon 2023 - $1,025
Childlike faith - $888.00
Childlike faith - From Members to direct $3,500
Rise to Shine Foundation - $1,123

Rotary International President Jennifer Jones wants members to imagine the possibilities in the change they can make to transform the world.

Jones, a member of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, Ontario, Canada, revealed the 2022-23 presidential theme, Imagine Rotary, as she urged people to dream big and harness their connections and the power of Rotary to turn those dreams into reality.

Watch the theme address

“Imagine, a world that deserves our best,” Jones told incoming district governors on 20 January, “where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference.”

Jones, who will make history on 1 July by becoming Rotary’s first female president, gave a live online address to precede Rotary’s annual training event for district governors from around the world, the International Assembly. The assembly was rescheduled because of the COVID-19 pandemic and will now be held virtually 7-14 February.

Jones told the incoming governors about a chance she took when a member asked for assistance in getting a young peace activist out of Afghanistan during the U.S. troop withdrawal last year. At first unsure how she could help, she relied on “that certain Rotary magic” and contacted a former Rotary Peace Fellow she had met a few years earlier. Less than 24 hours later, the activist was on an evacuation list, and soon she was on her way to Europe.

Rotarians in Southern Scotland have partnered with their counterparts in the US and Canada (District 5050) to deliver a Fire Rescue Truck to the city of Chernihiv in war torn northern Ukraine.

This article was first published on the District 1020 Website.
Chernihiv was under siege from late February until early April and endured some of the fiercest bombing of the war. This resulted in considerable damage, in particular to high rise residential properties where residents were often trapped and unable to escape. The rescue of these residents was rendered particularly difficult because of the height of the buildings, highlighting the need for specialist rescue apparatus to access these very tall buildings.
Kyrylo Pesenkov, president of the Rotary Club of Kyiv appealed to the worldwide Rotary community for their support to address this issue. He had identified a Fire Rescue Truck equipped with a 30 metre long extension ladder which would be the ideal solution to the dilemma facing the Chernihiv rescue services.
The fire truck was sourced from Austria but would cost $50,000 to purchase, upgrade and deliver to Ukraine.
Enter the Rotary Club of Edinburgh.
The Edinburgh club had been one of six clubs worldwide who were instrumental in the setting up of the Kyiv club following the demise of the Soviet Union and the birth of the newly independent Ukraine, the five other partner clubs being based in the USA and Canada.
On the outbreak of war in Ukraine, RI General Secretary John Hewko, himself a charter member of the Kyiv Club, asked the co-sponsor clubs and their districts to collaborate again. Since then, representatives of the Kyiv Club and District, the six sponsor clubs and their Districts have been meeting regularly by Zoom to identify ways to share what is working to raise awareness, donations and RI Disaster Response Grants.
The Edinburgh Club responded swiftly and positively to the appeal from president Kyrylo Pesenkov, and through Zoom were soon in contact with their North American counterparts, devising a strategy to get the Fire Rescue Truck to Chernihiv where it was most needed.
Rotary International had established a Ukraine Disaster Fund to finance and source relief projects to support the citizens of Ukraine. Rotarians worldwide have raised in excess of $15 million for this fund, and grants of up to US$25,000 are available to Rotary Districts who create suitable projects.
The purchase, upgrade and delivery of a Fire Rescue Truck met every aspect of the criteria to be eligible for grant funding, so the Edinburgh Club obtained the support of their own district, D1020, and co-sponsors in District 5050, (Washington State & British Columbia) to move the project forward.
Each District would apply for the maximum grant of $25,000 to fund the $50,000 purchase, upgrade and delivery price.
Both Grants were speedily approved and the wheels were set in motion for the delivery of the Fire Rescue Truck. It was driven to Latvia while the financial arrangements were finalised, then via Poland to the Ukranian border where a reception committee was waiting to make the final leg of the journey to the city of Chernihiv.
The Fire Rescue Truck was safely received by the Chernihiv Fire and Rescue Service on Monday 13th of June and given a traditional hosedown to recognise and welcome the new appliance.
Find out how Rotary districts can apply for a grant from the Disaster Response Fund   
Canadian and US Rotary districts may apply for grants of US$25,000 to support Ukraine. Districts can combine disaster response grants to fund larger projects and shipments.
The 3rd Golf event too place on Friday May 27th at Mylora Golf Course in Richmond.  We raised some funds for the Rotary Foundation and had many guests.   
One group got an Eagle, and we had door prizes.
Thanks to everyone that supported this event.
On 19 April, we celebrate the anniversary of Rotary founder Paul Harris’ birth. Paul Harris was born in 1868 in Racine, Wisconsin, USA, and thanks to his vision, today Rotary members around the world are uniting to take action and create lasting change. There are many ways to celebrate on 19 April, including by reading about Harris’ life.
Today, April 1st 2022, Don Patrick marks 50 years of service as a member of the Rotary Club of Squamish. He was recognised at the weekly meeting with a certificate, a cake, and of course a bottle of wine!
Don joined the club on April 1st, 1972. He served as Club President in 1975-76 and has held most other executive positions, including Secretary, Treasurer, and Foundation Chair.
Don started the Club 200 lottery fundraiser and has been the chair for most of its 43 years, raising $10,000/year for the Squamish community. In addition he has been the driving force of the Rotary Bike Safety Rodeos - an annual event in the Squamish Elementary Schools.
Last week our DG Lorne spoke about ShelterBox and the wonderful work they are doing in the Ukraine.
I decided to help out for this cause!   I am selling “I support Ukraine” pins, with net proceeds being donated to ShelterBox Canada —  the pins cost $15 and I am donating $10 — the remainder covers supplies.  Recently I raised $2,500 for the Abbotsford/Merritt flood victims with my BC Strong keychains.
Purchases can be made through me or through my website.  So far $270 has been raised.
My name is Jasmine Wong, I am one of the newest members of the Rotary Club of Fraserview, I joined because I want to make a difference.   I am a piano teacher, and sometimes a singer/ performer in Vancouver. 
I am also a single mother of four young daughters, and while things at times can be hard especially during COVID, as it has been for everyone, my daughters and myself are shocked and worried about the families, the people in the Ukraine.  As we watch the news and events unfold, my daughters said to me; "Mom this is awful, those poor people what can we do to help them?"   
So,  I have decided that I would like to help by donating money from this week's lessons, and get it to Rotary so that they can get it to an organization that can get help to the families in need.
Our Rotary club is collecting money and then will donate to ShelterBox Canada who can get help to the people of Ukraine. I will start the donations and to start this effort, I am donating $100 to get the fund started, hopefully later I can do more.  Our membership Chair Nigel has already said he will match or beat the donation.... thank you Nigel, so now we have it started.  
Here are the option amounts that you can donate, we will post this here, and send out emails, perhaps if you don't mind, you could all send the same to your friends, family and business contacts with this simple plea from my 4 daughters and myself, can we please do whatever we can to help those families.  
From Our families in Canada to those families in the Ukraine, from our club members in Fraserview to those club members of Rotary Ukraine, which make up a portion of the displaced.
My hope is that we can make a difference for a few.
Thank you
Jasmine Wong,  Rotarian
Here are the ways to donate the links etc:
Simply choose a donation level and we wil donate on your behalf to SHELTOR BOX CANADA, who are raising money for the relief efforts:
$100.00 Donation
Other options/levels:
Consider your carbon foodprint

If all the climate change solutions, from electric cars to wind turbines, there’s a powerful one that’s staring you in the face — at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Help Rotary Strike Out Polio

2024-25 Rotary International President Stephanie A. Urchick invites 25 PolioPlus supporters to her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, to Help Rotary Strike Out Polio at the $1 Million Baseball Game.

An audacious request transforms South African schools

With the largest Rotary global grant ever awarded in South Africa, Rotarians refurbish 11 schools’ toilets and kitchen facilities.

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