End to the Rotary year and an end to the current COVID chapter
As we hit June 30th, and end to Rotary year and look forward in anticipation at the 21/22 year it appears that we are closing the door on COVID as the province is opening up and reducing restrictions:
  • July 1st - Casinos open
  • Movie theaters have been open for 2 weeks
  • Groups in Restaurants are allowed again.
  • Province is considering removing mask restrictions from public transit
  • Concerts are allowed
  • BC 1st Vaccination way ahead of schedule
  • 2nd shots are some 8 weeks ahead of schedule.
While that is good for most Canadians and the same story in the US.  The are many part of the world that have not been so fortunate. 
Even here in Vancouver many of us have been touched or have family/ friends  that have been touched by loss from COVID, this year end will be a time to reflect on those losses.
Installation Lunch  - Wed June 30th
The Rotary year officially ends on June 30th each year.  The new year starts on July 1st!  
This July 1st Rotary will be officially 117 years young.
The installation lunch is a time to meet new executive, celebrate the passing of one year into the next.  Please join us at lunch on Wednesday where ill present awards earned over the lock down when we could not meet.
The Rotary Theme for 21/22

The tradition of crafting a theme is credited to 1949-50 RI President Percy C. Hodgson, who outlined a list of four objectives for his term in office. Among them were the better application of the principles of vocational service and dedication to world understanding and peace through international service programs.


Though Hodgson’s 83-word proclamation ran substantially longer than today’s shorter, punchier themes, Rotarians’ desire to celebrate and support their president’s annual program of service has remained the same. Other early themes include Rotary Is Hope in Action (Joaquin Serratosa Cibils, 1953-54), Kindle the Spark Within (Nitish C. Laharry, 1962-63), and Good Will Begins with You (Ernst G. Breitholtz, 1971-72).


In the decades that followed, RI presidents introduced theme logos, lapel pins, ties, and scarves and in 2019-20 Socks!  Theme ties were introduced in the 1990s, and are now given out yearly. Many have incorporated the theme for the year. The first scarves showing the RI theme were designed by 1998-99 RI President James L. Lacy and his wife, Claudine, Follow Your Rotary Dream.


For those interested in the rotary themes through the years, we have add a section to our website with all of the themes through the years, here:

Our members meet Rotary in Hong Kong
Membership in one Rotary club gives you access to Rotary all over the globe and two of our members recently took advantage of that.  
Joost and Miu Miu who are both currently living in Hong Kong visited the Rotary club of Honk Kong.  This is Hong Kong's oldest club and was formed in 1930.  It is also an English/Chinese speaking club. 
This 1st club had challenges and much history:
"Hong Kong was supposed to be the hardest place in the world in which to start a Rotary Club. Jim (Davidson) was a great organizer, and I was not surprised at his trying to crack this hard nut. His great joy when he came back to Shanghai after a tour devoted to starting Rotary clubs was his accomplishment in organizing the Hong Kong Rotary Club in which he took great pride."
Miu Miu and Joost indicated that they were welcomed by the club and felt honored to be a part of a lunch in such a legendary club, and also in such a wonderful venue, each week the club meets for lunch at the amazing Bankers Club.
Joost and Miu Mu will be back at the club to receive Joost's PAUL HARRIS AWARD when it arrives in HK.
Bankers Club of HK
A Day of Golf
The First Club Golf day Took Place on June 4th at Mylora Executive Golf Course in Richmond.  We used the event to fund raise and help sponsor a water project in Uganda, read more about that here:  https://vancouverfraserviewrota
This was a fun event and one that will will likely run again in the summer.
We were nervous at the start of the year on how we would achieve our targets, raise funds and generally make the world a better place during COVID. 
So How did we do?  Actually extremely well.  With exception of being able to have live meetings which limited our ability to add new members to our club, and in spite of losing some members due to complications of COVID and work place etc.  The rest our targets we hit and exceeded. 
Thanks to all of you, we far exceeded our numbers for any other year for both the Foundation and Polio funds.
This was all done in really small ways but on a regular basis and all through mostly on line communication.
Here are the highlights:
Foundation - Almost 7K
Funds raised through Projects and donated $10.6k
# of Hours donated by members on Projects - 1,000 Hours
POLIO Fund - over $1600
Total Funds donated this year - over $12k
When people ask what you did during the great COVID lock down of 2019/20 You can say... we did all this!
Great job everyone, that is a lot in troubling times, you made a difference!
Community Garden & brought to life by our club
Rotary Vancouver Fraserview Members (Jonas championed this project) met with the BIA on Fraser St. and a local parking operator to put in a community garden at the parking ares behind Fraser st.   A plaque will be installed indicating it is a Rotary Project.

This will not only make the area more appealing but will improve sustainability and provide a model for the kinds of things the community can do.

There will be the option to expand this program.
International Project for water & our Club
Recently we had the opportunity to contribute to an international project being championed by the West Vancouver Sunrise Rotary club. The RC Bulindo WASH project is a water and sanitation  global grant project  in  Uganda  they are leading.   The grant is  matched by District 5040  at 100%,  and by the Uganda district  at 150%, so  it  would  be a 3.5 times multiplied contribution at any level.    Our Club, Vancouver Fraserview, has donated $610, ($500 U.S.) to help this project.
Total budget for the project is just over $68,000
Bulindo is a neighborhood in Kira Municipality, Kyaddondo County, Wakiso District, in the Central Region of Uganda.
Facilitate and underground well drill project located in the area of the areas school, this will facilitate:
  • School children, Teachers and the close by health centre access to clean water
  • The nearby Community that will have access to clean water
  • The health clinic that serves the community
  • Clean water should reduce disruption time for students
  • Improved Hygiene practices
  • Reduce the incidence of water borne deceases and the cost of medical attention for them.
  • Improve school grades for students
Paul Harris Fellow
What is a Paul Harris Fellow?
The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation. ... In 1969, the Foundation unveiled the first Paul Harris Fellow medallion at the Rotary Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
Many other notable figures have been named as Paul Harris Fellows, including U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Russian President Boris Yeltsin, U.S. astronaut James Lovell, UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar, and Jonas Salk. 
More recently Dr Anthony Falci and our own Dr Bonnie Henry were awarded the Paul Harris medal.
Our Club has Rotary Face Masks
New Rotary Face Masks, designed by our club for our club and any others that want them.
2 styles to choose from; $20.00 each.   75% of the profit from each mask will be donated to the Rotary Foundation.
Show your affiliation to Rotary while supporting and keeping the world and your community safe.
You can buy here and pick up at club or we will deliver to you.  Buy here:
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