Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for both community service and friendship.
Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group of professionals who share your drive to give back. 
  • Discuss your community's needs and discover creative ways to meet them
  • Be able to attend Rotary meetings around north America and the globe as you travel.
  • Catch up with good friends and meet new ones
  • Expand your leadership and professional skills
  • Connect with leaders from all continents, cultures, and occupations

The Fraserview Rotary Club  is a service club dedicated to improving the lives of others both in our community and around the world.   Our Club meets every Wednesday at 12 Noon at the Seasons in the Park located in the QE park off Cambie St.

If you would like to be a member of this active, thriving Club, then please attend our Luncheon as our guest. We would be pleased to introduce you to the Club, its members and answer any questions you may have about membership.

Why Join Rotary, this is why many people all over the globe make the decision to join a Rotary club:








There are some other details you should be aware of:

  • Guests are always welcome and are responsible for paying $25 for their lunch at the door.
  • We encourage Rotarians to network with other clubs and offer a make-up program. When you are travelling, you are welcome to attend meetings at other clubs around the globe (see the Club Locator at All Rotary Clubs provide official make-up cards and when you turn in a card from another club (indicating you attended a regular meal meeting of that club)
Costs for our club:
Membership 20/21
In addition you simply pay lunch fees when you attend, currently around $28 at the Seasons in the park.
Here is some additional information that should be of interest to you.Why Join Your Local Rotary Club
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