On Wed October 12,2011 our Club held a Bowling Night's evening at the Richmond Bowling Facility called "The Zone"    About 35 Rotarian's along with family and friends came out to enjoy a wonderful evening of food, bowling and good fun.  We were also joined by members of the Rotary Club of Vancouver Arbutus including their 2011-2012 President Harreson Lovick.  All eye's were on immediate Past President Manjit Claire to defend his title from the previous bowling event.  To much chagrin, he did not disappoint!  :-)  He won the Men's Bowling Trophy in a convincing victory.  We are recommending he goes professional!!  The Women's trophy was won by Channi Sandhu, wife of Past President Dalip Sandhu.  Everyone had a great time and we are working on scheduling another "Bowling Nights" for the near future