Posted by Nigel Bullers on Dec 10, 2019
Last year we lost one of our members.   The Rotary Club of Fraserview recently raised money in his name and made a donation to the Rotary Foundation and presented his widow with a Paul Harris Fellow certificate in his name.
William is from Brunei – in south East Asia on the north coast of Borneo, when you look up on line about Brunei its says it is known as “ The Abode of Peace
William came to Canada and Vancouver as a businessman and started a beef jerky business, BKH jerky, and met the love of his life Flora.    William joined the Fraserview Rotary in early 2017.

William and Flora were married on Aug 8th 2017, and married by the Club President of Fraserview Henry Chan.   Henry had a Rotary meeting that day, but because the date was important to William and Flora, because August 8th was when the fell in love, they decided to have the wedding and be married at the Rotary meeting at the Seasons restaurant.  A true Rotary romance story.
When  asking members about William:
  • A nice man
  • A kind Hearted man
  • Someone who is always quick to help out
  • Someone who is quick to donate funds and time.
  • He was a young at Heart man.
The members of the Fraserview Rotary wanted to honor the contributions of William to Rotary and this past summer held a fund raising event which raised $1,000 US and was donated to the Rotary Foundation under Williams name, so that he would always be remembered as a PAUL HARRIS FELLOW