We Need Your Help & you can Win Big!

Fraserview Rotary needs your help this February and you can win prizes
Each Year our Club holds a Gala Fundraiser for the Club and a selected Charity organization.
The event is really important as it:
  • Raises funds for the Club
  • Raises funds for the Charity that we choose
  • Allows us to get points for various activities under the Rotary KPI program so that we hit our targets for the year.
This year was to be no exception and we had planned and negotiated a great venue, band and fashion show, had all of the artwork ready to hit, and then, the tragedy of the virus in China hit the news.  
The Executives have spent much time thinking about how to handle the issue, most service clubs have been forced to cancel their events.   We feel that it will be uncertain just how comfortable we will be asking a large group to meet at a venue if public opinion and public health are still a concern.   The last thing we want is an event that has low turnout and loses money.
As we indicated, other service clubs have simply cancelled events and lost the fundraising ability, but we decided that we can save it by being super creative, rather than simply give up.
The VIRTUAL Spring Gala and Fundraiser
“Your Absence Will Make a Difference.”
So, we have decided to put on a VIRTUAL GALA and FUNDRAISER.  We are asking everyone to please pitch in and contribute to make the rotary year for our Club and also to really do a great job for our Charity of choice this year!
'Beyond the Conversation is a movement that wants to address the gap of social connectedness, loneliness and mental health for all people. If anyone who is seeking to build their community support, contact@beyondtheconversation.ca.'
- we raise needed money for the Club, as we did in previous years
- we raise money for the charity "Beyond the Conversation Society" that really needs the support
- we have almost zero cost to do this
- we get club points many of them that will hit our targets for the year
  • Fundraising
  • Projects
  • Volunteer hours
  • Goods donated
  • Community give back
  • Total members involved
These are all critical metrics we need.
What Can You Do to Help?
We have set up a payment portal on our website that has a few of options:  
The executives have all committed that they would have spent around $100 per person on a Gala; Ticket, Drinks, raffle tickets etc.  So depending on how many people they would have bought for 1 or 2, we have set up donations of both
  • $200 &
  • $100
All other Members have more scope of options on how to help:
We have $50 and $25 levels that you can donate at.
The 4 options are all listed on the events page and here, again we have no cost, so all of the funds go to the Club and "Beyond the Conversation Society":
Prizes - These prizes would have been part of a raffle, they will be randomly selected:
A Trip! - Peaceful Harbour Suites
1a. Ucluelet Harbour Aerial Of Waters Edge.jpg
Water’s Edge Shoreside Suites is the only property with access to both the serene Ucluelet Inlet & the active Marina from every suite! We’re nestled on the peaceful water’s edge of an island joined by a causeway within the Harbour. Nothing else compares. Stunning surroundings, breathtaking views. Come discover a true West Coast classic.
1. View Of Property From Ucluelet Harbour.jpg
1 Deluxe Bedroom with Outdoor Tub
Valid: Sunday - Thursday (no weekends). Not valid: July 1st - Sept 15th, Holidays or Long Weekends
Prize Value Worth: $500
and these other great prizes:
  • Tim Hortons $100 card
  •  EasyPark $150 Parking Card
  • Men’s Nike Watch - $150
  • A 2nd Nike Men’s watch - $150
  •  Maritime Museum family pack
  •  Amazon Echo Dot - Alexa
  •  Bottle of Wine
  •  $50.00 Pack of Cineplex movies
Anyone who makes a donation can win!
Want to make 2 x $50 donation instead of 1 x $100? - then you get 2 entries!
Finally, we have a corporate sponsor opportunity, we have 3 companies committed to this level already at $300, we appreciate any company that can make a difference!
Thank you all for all your support!