Rotary Continues to reinvent what it is and how people move through the world of Rotary.   So it should come as no surprise that the organization is innovative.  How innovative.. well check out the all new Rotary VR web Page and new VR app.  

Virtual reality connects with people on a visceral, personal level in a way that words simply can’t. Rather than tell you how Rotary is changing lives, let us show you.

Get the Rotary VR app

By combining the power of Rotary's virtual reality app with a VR viewer and smartphone, you can immerse yourself in some of Rotary's most meaningful work. 

To experience virtual reality, download the Rotary VR App to your smartphone. For optimal viewing, use a VR viewer and noise canceling headphones to immerse yourself in any of Rotary's VR films.

You can also view a 360° version of our VR films simply by watching them on your computer or smartphone.