Rotarians and their families gathered to hold our Annual BBQ in South Vancouver at South Fraser River Park on Sunday July 17,2011  The day was a bit cloudy and had splashes of rain but was the mood was uplifting and the food that was prepared by Rotarian and Seargent at Arms Harinder Dhillon was absolutely spectacular.  The food really brought the sun out in our hearts and the setting was beautiful as we enjoyed the great food and beverages alongside the Fraser River with a view on airplanes landing at YVR.  A big thanks to Harinder for putting this event together and to Rotarian Vish Chandra who assisted Harinder as co-Chair of the event.  The crowd was delighted to also feast on a special goat curry that was specially prepared by Rotarian Narinder Sidhu's wife Harpreet.   A big thanks to her also.  Later in the day a card game  called "seep" broke out and a guys against the ladies game ensued.  We won't mention who won the historic battle.  :-)  To end the evening the Club enjoyed birthday cake after singing a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to Ethan Claire, son of Past President Manjit Claire and Former First lady Ronnie Claire.  A big thanks to Rotarian Narinder Sidhu for coming up with the suggestion to have tent's in case the weather didn't hold up and a big thanks to Rotarian Ajit Thandi for getting the Tent's organized.  All in all everyone enjoyed themselves and was a great day.