A Christmas Miracle...ours
At this time of year there is much talk about "Christmas Miracles" and this year we have our own miracle at the the Rotary club of Fraserview.
Miracles do happen but not always are they random.    In general miracles tend to be attracted to either hard work or good intentions.  When hard work gets combined with good intentions then miracles tend to happen more frequently.
That was what happened in our club.  When we started this year all of us on the executive were concerned about a year with COVID and what that meant to our club in terms of targets and fundraising.  we set fairly aggressive goals for ourselves this year knowing that the world would need help like never before, but we simply were not sure if we would make those targets by June 31st of next year when the year ends.  Especially without the ability to do  a large event.
So here we are, we are half way through the year on December 31st.. and here is the miracle for our club and the world we choose to support:
Rotary Foundation Target for 20/21 - $4,500 
What we have raised so far - $6,769 - Christmas Miracle!
Polio Fund Target for 20/21 - $1,300
What we have raised so far - $1,300 - Christmas Miracle
Our Clubs Goal for total club giving 20/21 - $9,000
What we have raised so far - $10,305 - Christmas Miracle.
Nobody thought we could hit the targets let alone before the six month mark. Thank you to everyone... we did this by doing little things for 6 months and it all just added up.. like a miracle.