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Vancouver Fraserview

This event is cancelled for now.

We have a number of memebers ask that we consider a Dinner for the event now that everything is opening up.   This seems like a good idea so we have cancelle lunch on Wednesday and are searching for a suitable place that we can do failrly quickly... somewhere  around the 12th to the 15th of July.

6 peole registered for lunch, we will get back to you and how we are handling that.




The 21/22 Installation Lunch is here.

Please come out and join us in saying goodbye to 2020/21 and hello to 21/22

Each year the Rotary Year ends on June 30th, the New Year for Rotary is July 1st and has been that way since June 30th, 1913.

This is always a special event, we dont feel like Covid is over enough for a Dinner as we do sometimes so this will again be a lunch  This will mark the start of the Board member terms and some new roles, please come out and invite guests for this special lunch.