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Donate your Buns!  Just $5.00!

Happy Victoria Day

Here we are in week 10 or so of a massive lockdown, but in that time our members have in small ways in each of the weeks.

We have had members take online training, and also do small things in the community to make a difference.

Also many people have donated the lunch they would have bought, the Parking they would have paid and now we challenge you to simply donate the buns or braed that would have been on the table, and we estimate that cost as $5.00

So join us if you can and simply donate $5.00 each little bit makes a huge difference..

Again 2 people will win a $50 Tim Hortons gift card, so do it to win, do it to support Tims, or do it to support the Rotary foundation.

Alll money will go to the Rotary Foundation.

Thank you.