Childlike Faith Academy of Music and Theatre (CFA) is proud to present our 10th children’s musical production, “WILLY WONKA JR”, performed by children between the age of 5 to 15 on June 24th, 2023 at Norman Rothstein Theatre (950 W41st Avenue, Vancouver). This musical production will be performed in English with Chinese subtitles provided, designed to be family-oriented and suitable for both English and Chinese speakers of all ages! 
Our mission is to give the next generation a platform to learn about themselves, develop self-confidence, learn how to express themselves, be able to interact and socialize with other people in group settings, and to unleash their full potential in fun, easy, interesting and artistic way!
At Childlike Faith Academy,
we teach kids to have:

1. Confidence to Believe in their
design in life
2. Creativity to Dream big and
out of their comfort zone
3. Commitment to reach
Excellence by persevering and
learning from their mistakes
through performing arts